Hate your home office setup? Rent Muji furniture for just $7 a month


Muji, the brand known for minimalist home goods and furniture, has launched a monthly furniture subscription program that is perfectly suited to life in quarantine.

Around the world, people have been forced to transform their homes into offices. And for those who don’t have a dedicated workspace, this means sprawling out on the dining table or sofa or bedroom. It’s not ideal for productivity, nor is it particularly comfortable. But with Muji’s monthly subscription, which is available in Japan, customers can rent simple pieces, such as oak desk and chair sets, for as little as $7 (800 yen) a month. And when their offices reopen, they can ship all the furniture back.

Muji has also launched two design consultation services to help customers arrange their furniture at home. Customers can buy a Petit Renovation plan, where designers will create two layouts of their home, rearranging the existing furniture to make space for a home office. Alternatively, they can connect with an adviser online who will offer personalized recommendations.

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