Google Has 5 Exciting Upgrades For Google Chrome Browser Users


Google has revealed performance, feature and security enhancements for Chrome across desktop and mobile. Let’s break them down.

08/01 Update: Google’s fast paced Chrome upgrades continue with TechDows spotting that Chrome Canary has added the ability to share images via creating a QR code – a helpful feature for saving time and bandwidth. For Chrome Canary users, it works thanks to a new context menu option when you right click on an image: ‘create QR code for this image’. You can then share this and the camera on iPhone and Android smartphones will be able to detect and open the image. This is not just a handy feature, but also a useful privacy addition as it means users can share images without those images being immediately visible to others. There is no timeline for its integration into stable versions of Chrome, but I wouldn’t expect it to take long.

08/02 Update: While Google continues to add a ton of new features to Chrome, it has also announced a popular extension for the browser will be scrapped. Picked up by 9to5Google, Google is removing its Chrome Password Checkup tool, which was introduced in 2019 to detect breaches of your passport data by third parties. To do this, Google monitored data breaches around the web and also alerted you with a pop-up, if you visited a site with a compromised login as well as if you use the same password on another site. It was a popular feature, but the reason for its demise is sound because Google has quietly integrated this functionality directly into Chrome.

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