Glossy Lips: Beauty Tips And Makeup Tricks For Picking And Pulling Off Lip Gloss


In the past few years, makeup trends have tilted towards matte lips and flat finished faces. That all changed this time around. Dewiness stole the show and made its way across the board in the beauty sphere. Not only did that mean lustrous skin that shone with radiance, it translated to the lips too. Matte lipsticks were tucked far back into the closet and glossy lips found their way under the spotlight.

A makeup trend in the early 2000s, glossy lips that glimmer with crystal radiance and look like you’ve just taken a juicy bite are now a coveted beauty look. From top influencers to magazine editorials, they are seen everywhere. Bollywood star Katrina Kaif completes most of her fashionable outfits with a set of glossy lips. So if you’re wondering how you can pull off lip gloss and choose the right makeup pick, we’re here to help.

Beauty Tips To Pick Out The Right Lip Gloss

If you’ve already got a shelf lined with lip glosses, that’s great. But if you’re apprehensive about choosing the correct one, help is on the way. Follow these beauty tips to get your own set of glossy lips.

1. Find A Suitable Color Match

As you would when choosing foundation or concealer, lip gloss too depends on your skin tones and undertones. So make sure to take yours into consideration when purchasing it. Light and fair skin tones can stick to pink toned lip glosses. Medium and olive skin tones can choose peach or coral lip gloss. Dusky and caramel skin tones can choose burgundy, berry and red toned lip gloss.

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