Give Your Home A Fresh New Look With Jacquard Weave


When someone mentions design or interiors, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most of us it would be along the lines of patterns, shades, clothing, and home décor and so on. Although a majority of us might have a generic idea of the patterns and might get to know about what is trending either through our own research or through word of mouth, there are some that we might not be aware of overall, let alone the details and the trends surrounding it. One such pattern is the jacquard weave.

It is quite commonly seen and yet we might not be familiar with the details or the name. The pattern is a simple yet complex one which gives an end result of beautifully woven fabric – be it curtains, bedsheets or clothing. The jacquard weave is one that never really goes out of trend. Let us take a look at what exactly the weave is and the different kinds of jacquard.

What is a jacquard weave?
A specially woven fabric, using a particular loom, the jacquard weave can be done using a variety of fabric like cotton, polyester, silk, etc. The pattern is woven into the fabric with the loom and sometimes may even give a raised appearance on the cloth, not much unlike emboss. The motif on the weave is usually of a different colour than the rest of the fabric. However, some might use motifs/images of the same shade, but might be of a different material. Let us proceed to take a glimpse of the different types of Jacquards used in interior design.

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