Fashion tips that can maximize your style


If you are a person who is keenly interested in fashion, you must have seen the new fall/winter looks that several international fashion brands have showcased in the past two months.

Taking inspiration from these trends, and the evergreen winter fashion sensibility, we present to you some essential fashion tips that you should definitely incorporate in your 2020 winter looks.

Let’s dive deep.

Layering: Layering up keeps you warm and makes you look chic

Low temperatures during winter won’t let you sport casuals (tank tops, ripped jeans, etc.), and it does demand multiple layer of clothes.

Layering up is a common winter trend that can make you look super chic.

For example, a turtleneck under a jacket or coat is always classy.

Pairing your top with pants can look great too, with the correct color combination.

Boots: Bring your boots out of storage this season

Wearing boots can make your feet stuffy. But in winter, you need to protect your feet from the harsh weather.

So if you have them, it is time to use those.

Not only do boots warm your feet, they also change the look.

Ankle-length boots look great with jeans. Thigh-high boots also allow you to wear dresses without letting your legs feel the cold.

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