Farrow & Ball Reveals Its Color Trends for 2022


Just in time for a shift in seasons, Farrow & Ball has revealed what it sees as the colors that will define 2022. The company’s new collection was carefully chosen by Joa Studholme, who has more than 20 years of experience consulting on colors for the famous paint brand.

According to a press release, in making her selections, Studholme picked up on a collective shift towards “the modest character of folk and craft.” The end result is “an eclectic mix of the pure and humble” tones that use color “in unusual ways to celebrate the principles of utility, kindness, and honesty.” Although the desire to move away from neutrals may feel of-the-moment, the collection’s five hues have strong nostalgic resonance, suggesting how color can be a meeting ground between the past and the present.

The collection features a strong emphasis on primary colors, each possessed of a certain retro playfulness. Sunny and simple, Babouche adds a pop of yellowy brightness that’s nonetheless easy on the eyes. The rich red of Incarnadine similarly jumps out in any context, and Stone Blue feels familiar yet new, existing in a sweet spot between classic shades and pastels. Breakfast Room Green—which can play with our interpretations of space and commingle with Babouche or Stone Blue—rounds out the lineup.

Babouche No. 223 and School House White No. 291 shine bright in this interior.

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In many ways, the glue that holds the palette together is School House White. While strong enough on its own as an anchor—one that feels elevated in a sea of whites and beiges—it truly shines as an aesthetic counterweight to the primary colors in the line. From checkered floors to striped ceilings, the other colors making up this 2022 trend collection feel more welcoming, while School House White helps maintain a sense of order.

The new Farrow & Ball selections evidence how designers can welcome more playful colors into client homes without diving headfirst into maximalism. “I feel that the colors Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue, and Incarnadine are important for 2022 as they ground us after a time of uncertainty,” Studholme tells AD PRO. “We want to embrace color to mirror the spirit of kindness we all need to make our lives and our homes more joyful.” Ultimately, these shades for next year show us that maybe having a little fun with color doesn’t have to be such a new idea after all.

Below you can take a look at how the new palette of Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue, Incarnadine, and School House White can be put to excellent use.

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