Exclusive: Glow Recipe Reveals Its New Cleansing Balm And Bestselling Beauty Strategy


It’s tough to predict which of the year’s thousands of beauty launches will manage the climb the bestsellers list, but Glow Recipe seems to have the magic formula figured out. Glow Recipe Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm drops today (July 24) and if it follows the pattern set by the brand’s previous products—many which have racked up 5,000-person waitlists or sold out instantly)—you can already count on its popularity.

Glow Recipe began as a e-commerce store, curating the best of K-beauty and pairing it with accessible skin care education. Cofounders and co-CEOs Sarah Lee and Christine Chang have since taken the company in another direction, creating their own in-house line that pairs superfruit actives with impressive results. Papaya Sorbet comes on the heels of a gooey pink watermelon toner and buttery avocado eye cream, and as usual, it’s the kind of skin care you can’t help but be instantly drawn to. From the cheery orange tub to the scoopable cleanser within, it’s significantly more fun to use than you’d think a face wash could be. More importantly, it works as promised—dissolving eye makeup, imparting glow and leaving your face buttery-soft.

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