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Amazon is a wonderful, wonderful thing. You can reliably find anything, for any need, and get it quickly, totally negating the need to do any manner of errands you just, honestly, don’t want to. But the one category that can still feel confusing to the primest of Prime members? Fashion.

Tucked in amongst all the home essentials and beauty buys, there’s a wonderfully wide section that can be surprisingly hard to enter given its breadth. If you aren’t regularly browsing Amazon Fashion, though, you’re doing yourself a disservice. From a healthy lineup of in-house labels to an impeccably edited curation of designer brands, the e-commerce giant has prioritized building a best-in-class offering.

Below, we break down the five must-know ways to discover, try, and experiment with style.

Luxury Stores at Amazon is the impeccably organized spot to browse a range of emerging and established designers. With a tight, expert curation, shopping feels akin to stepping into a luxe boutique or private-client floor: Everything is laid out to maximize the aesthetic appeal, and you know whatever is being presented has been vetted by the best of the best (Sally Singer was brought in as Head of Fashion Direction after decades in the fashion editorial world).

To access in the U.S., open your Amazon app and search “Luxury Stores” in the search bar (alternatively, you can browse Programs and Features in the main menu and find Luxury Stores). Upon entrance you’ll find a shopping experience that’s editorial in nature, with roundups collected by trend and designer.

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By now you’ve likely been seduced by at least one headline touting an item that’s garnered thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon. It’s a thing—people love talking about what they love—and the smart fashion team at Amazon has collected them all in one easy spot to shop.

To discover what’s got everyone talking, head to the Customers’ Most-Loved section on desktop or in-app (for the latter, look under Programs and Features). The main section will display a range of everything, including home items and giftables, but you can dial in specifically to fashion: From the main page, select “Most-Loved Women’s Fashion” and prepare to be blown away by the community-generated edit (you can get even more specific, exploring most-loved swim, shoes, dresses, etc). This is the spot where you’ll find the “Amazon dress” or “Amazon sweatpants” everyone’s talking about; everything’s mostly under $50 and made in an impressive range of colors.

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The Prime Wardrobe program at Amazon has taken the things we love about subscription-box shopping and made it even better. There’s the fact that it’s all being facilitated by a program you’re already shopping on the regular and that you can pick and choose what you want to be sent. Once you receive your shipment, you have seven days to try on everything and send back whatever isn’t quite right; only then will you be charged for whatever you keep.

You can explore the Prime Wardrobe section on the site or in-app or simply keep an eye out for styles that are marked as “Prime Wardrobe” in the accompanying description. (To find in the app, go to Programs and Features and then scroll to Prime Wardrobe; you can also search “Prime Wardrobe” in the search bar to see items available to try).

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A particularly stellar option within the Prime Wardrobe offering is to cede control via its Personal Shopper program, allowing one of the stylish people on Amazon’s payroll to dig through its mountains of fashion to unearth styles and brands you might not have found otherwise. Answer a questionnaire to identify likes and dislikes, then wait to see what’s suggested (there’s also a spot where you can share any upcoming fashion needs, like dressing for a trip or a work obligation).

You’ll browse what your stylist has selected and pick the items you want shipped to you; from there, the service functions just like the standard Prime Wardrobe. Try on everything during the seven-day window before sending back what you don’t want in a prepaid envelope.

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Amazon’s buzzy social-first program, The Drop, asks influencers to design limited-edition capsule collections that embody their personal style. Each drop is only available for a quick 30 hours, so if you see something you love, buy it: Shop now or regret it later, essentially. The Drop’s rotating list of collaborators (approximately four every month) runs the style gamut, representing a diverse range of aesthetics, vibes, and sizes.

If you miss a Drop drop, thankfully, you can still snap up some of your favorite Insta-star’s style via Staples by The Drop. Different than the original collection, these edited groupings feature pieces that a particular influencer deems staples in their own closet.

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