Everything You Need To Stay Warm While Dining Outside This Winter


After nearly a year of lockdown, outdoor dining is no longer reserved solely for balmy summer nights. In fact, supporting local restaurants in 2021 by and large means layering up and eating in the elements. A year ago, a wintry meal may have sounded less than appealing, but any time spent outdoors can feel like a reprieve these days. But while a wintry meal outdoors can be exhilarating, getting dressed for the occasion can feel like a fine art.

We asked designer Lieke van den Berg, of Amsterdam-based skiwear company Goldbergh, for tips on staying warm and stylish while braving the elements and dining outdoors in the winter months. It’s not unlike dressing for skiing, where warm layers are key. Van den Berg suggests starting with merino baselayers, then adding a favorite, stylish wool sweater on top. Finish off the look with, “the longest puffer you can find” and for a finishing touch, add a beanie, as heat tends to escape through your head. But it’s not all about warm layers. Van den Berg recommends bringing a bag big enough to hold the aforementioned layers, especially if you are on a date and want to show off your outfit.

Aside from layering up, there are considerations to keep in mind when booking a reservation for an outdoor meal. Perhaps most intuitive is to find a terrace with heaters, and while it’s not for certain that restaurants will have them, van den Berg advises, “always ask for a blanket or two, one to sit on and one to cover your legs or feet.” You can always bring your own warm blanket, too.

From warm base layers and cute sweaters, to puffer coats and portable hand warmers, prepare to face the cold weather with these outdoor-dining approved items.

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