Designing With Outdoor Lounge Furniture


How to pick the right pieces, and create a space that feels chic

The beauty of an outdoor lounge is that it takes the inside and extends it outside, so you can enjoy all the comforts of home amid nature. It’s the kind of space that can function both as a relaxing retreat and a place to entertain.

The look, feel and configuration are a matter of planning. Follow these tips from the design pros to create an outdoor space with distinction.

Take a Cue From Your Interiors

“Your outdoor space is an extension from your home, so having a look at your interior might reflect what you place outside.

“The best-suited outdoor furniture is made from metals like stainless steel, aluminum and powder-coated metals where rust can be inhibited. Other natural materials like cane, bamboo, wicker and wood painted with marine epoxy finish are naturally suited to the outdoors. But, having a waterproof cover for your furniture is essential to preserving your investment.

“Mixing different types of seating and having side tables to place your food or drink is important. Having some shade and a sturdy umbrella or canopy makes blazing-hot sunny days cooler and fresher. And of course, maintenance-free furniture where upholstery is weather resistant and washable keeps you relaxed and cool.”

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