Costco has PlayStation 5 consoles on sale for members right now


The Sony PlayStation 5 comes and goes fast, with high demand at each and every restock opportunity. If you have not landed one yet, your options can be slightly improved by paying for subscriptions to select retailers that give special access. If you are a Costco member then you already do just that, and your time is now.

You can order a PlayStation 5 console from Costco right now, bundled with additional accessories and 12-month PlayStation Plus membership card. You must be a paid Costco member to place this order. A membership starts at $60 per year and can be purchased here. Consoles are some of the items at Costco that are exclusively for members, while some other products can be ordered by non-members with an additional fee.

As we always suggest, it’s best to add your billing and shipping address to your account beforehand to save time. If you miss out on this one, be sure to have it saved for the next go-around. We are continuing to keep an eye on the latest console restocks, and you can also subscribe to our Verge Deals newsletter for the latest tech and gadget deals delivered straight to your inbox weekly.

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