Celeb-Favorite Fashion Brands From the ’90s and 2000s You Definitely Wore, Too


You couldn’t wait to pull up the J-shaped metal zipper on your new Juicy Couture velour hoodie. You wouldn’t think of wearing anything besides a distressed denim miniskirt with your Lacoste polo. And you certainly owned an Ed Hardy graphic tee to pair with your True Religion jeans. Because really, what combination made more sense? If you’re already nodding your head, we feel you. Today, we might roll our eyes at our fashion choices from the early aughts, but the truth is they define us as style savants who always managed to keep up with the trends.

We thought it’d be particularly fun to scroll through photos of our favorite Hollywood stars repping the labels we wanted to collect, too. The only difference is that celebs were walking red carpets while we were walking through the school cafeteria. No big deal.

We know the gallery of images below is about to drop a major dose of nostalgia on your day, and for that reason, we shopped out some vintage pieces you can collect to keep these brands in full rotation. We definitely don’t blame you for wanting to keep these recognizable fashion looks alive, and we don’t think JT, Beyoncé, or Britney Spears would blame you either.

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