Best corner sofa 2020: Style and comfort for less in the Furniture Village sales


Corner sofas are the absolute best way to maximise living room space. Slot one into the corner of a room for minimal impact, or use one as the dividing line in an open-plan living room/kitchen area. Either way, the best corner sofas inevitably end up being the most hotly contested lounging space whenever it’s time to relax in front of the TV.

It pays to do your research before investing in a corner sofa, and not least because a good one can cost upwards of £1,000. Obviously, you’ll want a size that works for your family and fabric that suits your lifestyle, but it’s also worth thinking about a design that will go the distance if you decide to change your home decor in the future. For those really wanting to max out the available space, you may even want to consider a corner sofa that transforms into a sofa bed or one that offers built-in storage compartments.

To help you narrow down your search for the perfect corner sofa, we’ve outlined some key things to consider in our handy buying guide below. But if you want to skip ahead and check out shapes, styles and price tags, scroll through to our pick of the best options a little further down the page.

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