Bella Hadid Glamorously Accessorizes Her Gloves


While leaving the Fendi fall 2021 couture show, fresh-off-the-runway model Bella Hadid opted for a relatively pared-back look with an unexpected styling trick. Save for a tartan print shrunken red vest, she wore all black, including a Noor Hammour leather coat, loose trousers, and leather boots. As for accessories? Well, Hadid has been on a glove tear for the past week, and was first spotted out with a pair of Bernie Sanders-style, knit-inspired gloves from a small store in Naples, Florida. Her newest incarnation is a bit more elegant. Ms. Hadid sported slim, plain black opera length gloves but with her jewelry on top of the pair. A hulking silver square ring was visible on her right hand and the band of her Cartier Panthère watch on her left wrist.

The look is quite a sophisticated one with a long history. The slender-glove-and-bijoux moment has appeared in countless Vogue editorials throughout the ’70s, ’80s, early ’90s, and a bit in the mid-’00s. The uber-luxe combination is both irreverent and glamorous, an ideal canvas for showing off jewelry. In a sense, it’s a bit of a fantasy: In what megawatt world are we so relaxed that we place our jewelry over our thin gloves instead of under? Well, turns out it’s Hadid’s world, and we’re just admiring it.

Shop a handful of similar styles inspired by Hadid, below.

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