Beauty Tips: Here’s How You Can Include Vitamin C In Your Skincare Routine; Check Out Dos And Don’ts


Your skin plays an important role in your overall personality and its care is of significant importance. Vitamin C is the main ingredient, which is responsible for empowering your skin. It’s a wonderful ingredient for your skin and a powerhouse antioxidant for your skincare. You should have Vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C is multitasking for skin and it suits all types of skin. It also protects you from all harmful sun rays. Let’s check out a few do’s and don’ts of including Vitamin C in your skincare routine.

* Always start using Vitamin C gradually for the skincare regime. There are misconceptions about using Vitamin C, as many believe that using Vitamin C in the daytime might make your skin sensitive to the sun.
* There are feelings among a few that vitamin C should be used only at night, but that’s not true.
* Vitamin C is acidic in its pure form, but unlike some other acids, it doesn’t increase sun sensitivity.
* Vitamin C products are always helpful for all kinds of skin-related problems.
* Don’t expose vitamin C products to sunlight, as it might hamper the potency and oxidize the product.

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