Beauty tips: 5 Lesser known benefits of Curry Leaves for the skin and hair


Curry leaves or Kadi Patta is known for its amazing smell and taste it adds to the food. But it has innumerable benefits for the skin and hair as well! Check them out.

Curry leaves are a common ingredient in most of our dishes. They add a wonderful taste and smell to our dishes making them what they are. But these leaves are not only known for the taste they add, but also for the benefits they have on the skin and hair. These leaves are known to aid weight loss, treat wounds, blemishes, aid hair growth and even help in reducing anxiety. Take a look at some of the beauty benefits that this ingredient brings.

Prevents hair fall
Mixing curry leaves in hot oil and then massaging it on the hair makes the hair stronger from the root. The constant application also helps in sealing split ends, enabling hair to grow back thick and healthy. It also promotes hair growth from the root and is known to treat common scalp issues.

Reverses premature greying
The dense colour in curry leaves helps in promoting a dark hue in the hair and reversing premature greying in some sense. The grey hair that grows from the roots turns back to a darker brown or black with the regular consumption of the leaf.

Reduces acne and skin issues
Externally applying curry leaves on the skin helps in skin regeneration. It also helps combat common skin issues like eczema, acne, breakouts, bacterial infections and more.

So next time, rather than discarding the leaves in your food, it is better to consume them for best skin and hair health.

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