Beauty at Home


At a time when self-care is the name of the game, the bathroom may just be the most important room in the house. After all, it’s where we freshen up and prepare to face the world (or our Zoom cameras), treat ourselves to a little pampering, escape from spouses and kids, or wash off the day’s stresses with a relaxing bath or skin-care routine. And even beyond the realm of the bathroom, our entire homes these days are serving double and triple duty, so it’s important to stock up on soothing products and even plants that can help you unwind.

With all that in mind, the team at AD partnered up with our friends at Allure to create a package dedicated to beauty at home. Read on for design tricks, shopping suggestions, and personal tales that will help you turn your dwelling into a sanctuary fit for this day and age.

These AD archive finds are what beauty routine dreams are made of

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