Accessible Custom Furniture And Decor Is The Next Big Interior Design Trend


2020 has been a year of collective realization about the importance of our living spaces and interior design. Not only are we all spending more time at home, but most of us are renovating, redesigning, and refreshing our spaces to fit the new normal. Because the pandemic has limited our choices in many ways, the appeal of custom, made-to-order furniture and decor has increased significantly.

While major players like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Restoration Hardware have offered made to order furniture for years, buying truly customized and bespoke pieces used to require using an interior designer or knowing the right place to have something commissioned. This also meant visiting a brick and mortar location.

But now, smaller, direct to consumer and online-only retailers are leading the way in this category for both industry and regular consumers alike. “As a designer who works with clients who are exceptionally internet-savvy, they are doing a lot of their research online and are willing to purchase these products despite never having seen them in a showroom, because of the customer service and customization options they get for such affordable price points,” Rydhima Brar of R/terior Studio tells me.

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