9 Vogue Editors on How Turning 30 Changed Their Style—Or Didn’t!


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The moment 13 Going on 30’s Jenna Rink woke up in her New York City apartment after magically turning 30 the night of her 13th birthday party, I was entranced. Her older (flirty and thriving) self was someone the younger me found dazzling.

Starring Christa B. Allen and Jennifer Garner, the film is a coming-of-age tale that fueled my sartorial fantasies—is this what my adult closet would look like? Would I, too, be thumbing through perfectly folded lingerie in a built-in closet with enough room to rival a small mom-and-pop boutique? Would I be able to gaze at my own glittering wall of designer heels? Though a walk-in closet on a magazine salary is part of the fantasy of the film, there is a bit of reality as evidenced by my own experience: The big 3-0 did indeed influence the way I dressed, and for the better. My 30-year-old wardrobe has evolved with time and taste, and the same can be said for my fellow editors.

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