9 simple things it still can’t do, but Alexa can


It might surprise you what your Google Home can’t yet do. Here’s what we wish it had, and some ways you might be able to work around some of the drawbacks.

Since the original Google Home smart speaker first debuted, many have felt the search giant’s foray into the smart home has been stuck playing catch-up with Amazon’s Alexa assistant and Echo speakers. But that view has shifted considerably in recent years, as Google has added a slew of long-awaited features — some of which Alexa already had, some it still doesn’t. Not to mention, Google now sells some of the most breathtakingly vivid smart displays (the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max) and surprisingly full-spectrum mini speakers (Nest Mini) available.

In other words, Google Home ($99 at Crutchfield) is no longer just a smart home contender but a bona fide market leader, and — for the most part — we’re fans. So think of this as more of a wish list of features we’re hoping to eventually see than a laundry list of pet peeves, gripes and complaints about the Google Home ecosystem, (though we have some of those, too).

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