9 Beauty Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep in 2022


The dawn of a new year is often coupled with a slew of new resolutions—from updated fitness goals to finally prioritizing self-care needs—that many of us aim to meet over the next 12 months. But January 2022 has been off to a rough start, and sticking to a newly-minted daily, weekly, or even monthly schedule can be a challenge—and not always the good kind.

With an ongoing pandemic and a number of other unforeseen life stresses, we’re looking for extra simplicity and peace of mind wherever we can find it, especially when it comes to beauty and wellness. Developing a well-rounded routine can not only fine-tune a person’s appearance, but also add moments of calm to an otherwise busy day. But true beauty lovers know (this writer included) that there are common pain points many of us face—from regularly washing our makeup brushes to wearing sunscreen on a daily basis—that actually require less effort than you might think to resolve.

To help us streamline the process even faster, we turned to some of the top hair, skin, nail, and makeup professionals for their thoughts and product recommendations to make staying focused on your beauty goals a breeze. Here, nine beauty resolutions we’re sticking to for 2022.

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