8 tricks to make sure your at-home manicure lasts longer


If you’re still going the DIY route for your manicure, you know you want to keep your hard work intact for a week (or more, if you’re really careful). Our hands can go through the wringer—especially now—with all the hand washing and sanitiser application that are a must to protect yourself. Here’s what you can do to prevent your nail polish from smudging or chipping and make that mani last.

1) Wipe your nails down first
Even if you don’t have any nail paint on, using nail polish remover first is key. This helps wipe away any natural oils from your nails, which can get in the way of your nail polish adhering properly to the surface. But unlike what you may be used to at the salon, it’s best to skip a soak. A water bath will cause your nails to expand and when they dry and shrink down, the polish can crack.

2) File your nails right
The right way to even out your shape is by filing in a single direction. Going back and forth with the filing tool can cause the nails to break and get brittle. “Filing your nails regularly help prevent them from breakage, which in turn contributes to less chipping,” advises Dr Kavita Sheth of Kavi’s Nail Care. Try and file them in a shape that mirrors your cuticle to prevent breakage.

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