7 Phoenix fashion designers you should get to know


The season is changing and if you’re looking for a cool look to go with the cooler weather, Phoenix fashion designers have new collections to keep you looking fresh, even if you’re just sitting at home.

Phoenix might not be known as the fashion capital of the country, but it has a vibrant fashion scene. Local designers are creating looks that get noticed and are showing up on celebrities such as Cynthia Bailey, Bella Hadid and Kat Von D.

With tens of thousands of social media followers, Phoenix designers have used their craft to make an impact on the fashion industry locally and beyond.

Their looks include suits lined with velvet, pops of color, mesh detailing and eco-friendly upcycled garments. These local designers know what customers want and have something for everyone.

Here are seven local fashion brands and the designers behind them you should get to know.

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