7 Interior Design Trends Everyone Will Be Trying in 2021


The year 2020 brought countless unexpected challenges that have fundamentally changed how we live in our homes. As it (finally!) comes to a close, we’re stepping into 2021 with a different perspective and a deeper appreciation for the roles our homes play in our daily lives.

With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in early spring, many people pivoted to working, playing, exercising, and socializing from home, making the way we furnish and decorate our living spaces more important than ever. “On the upside, it has forced homeowners to reflect, dissect, and evaluate how they live in their homes, how it makes them feel, and how, ultimately, they want to change and improve upon their relationship with home,” says Louisiana interior designer Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors.

To find out what home design will look like in the coming year, we talked to interior designers and industry experts to discover their top 2021 design trends, including the most popular decorating styles, colors, and materials. If you’re looking for fresh ways to update your home for the new year, here are the interior design trends experts predict are going to be huge.

1. Nods to Nostalgia

One of the biggest 2021 decorating trends isn’t new at all. Design styles of the past, including Victorian-era, Art Deco, and grandmillennial aesthetics, are making a comeback as people turn to nostalgia for comfort and security. According to a survey conducted by online interior design service Modsy, traditional and classic interior design styles rose in popularity by 6% and 11% respectively, despite the fact that these styles have consistently been some of the least popular among Modsy customers in previous years.

“We’ve been watching this trend in fashion for some time now via lace collars, rich velvets, and ruffles,” says Anna Brockway, co-founder and president of Chairish, an online vintage marketplace. She predicts the old-meets-new trend will emerge through gilded finishes, floral prints, and ornamental details that offer contemporary takes on historic styles.

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