7 Extremely adorable home decor products under Rs 1000 for people who love pink


Most of us are still working from home which has made our house our place of work as well as our comfort zone and hence, it needs to be decorated the way you want. If pink is your favourite colour and you want to add an adorable yet feminine vibe to your home, these super cute pink products will add a femininity and an aesthetic vibe to your home.

LED Dreamcatcher

If you are a dreamer, believer and a hopeless romantic in a world full of realists, then you must add this dreamcatcher to your home. Hang this beautiful pink LED dreamcatcher on your bedroom or living room wall and uplift the space. And as they say, the nightmares pass through the holes and out of the window while the good dreams are trapped in the web, which then slide down the feather tassel to you, so that you have sweet dreams every night.

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