7 comfortable wardrobe ideas to ace your fashion game this monsoon season


Even if you are utterly captivated by the beauty of rains, the prospect of going somewhere drenched is not appealing to anyone. The monsoon season is beautiful but only when enjoyed from a balcony or window.

When you step out and encounter the drab and dreary weather that blankets the entire city, you experience the challenges of the rainy season.

The monsoon is undoubtedly one of the most challenging times to look your best. With regular rains, potholes and temperatures that change in seconds from simply humid to completely wet, one must be a little more careful when dressing up.

Here are seven comfy monsoon wardrobe ideas to make your attire look very stylish while remaining comfortable without exerting extra effort.

Wear cotton clothes

For the monsoons, cotton is the most trustworthy and safe fabric, which looks quite lovely. But it is not just about choosing cotton, selecting the right outfit also matters. Cotton shirts and cotton dresses, for example, are suitable for children.

The rainy season is also the most incredible time for ladies to wear cotton dresses. If you are attending a party, cotton sarees would be a pleasant change. For men, cotton tees and shirts can keep them comfy while being chic.

No more denim

Monsoon makes commuting difficult due to the muddy season. Even if denim is the most fashionable wardrobe staple, you must avoid them while it rains. Whether in the form of a jacket or pants, denim will make monsoon considerably more difficult due to their poor quality and inability to dry rapidly than other textiles.

Cropped pants and crop tops, T-shirts with cotton shirts, or tube tops with skirts are options to choose from other than denim.

Avoid full-length bottoms

If you enjoy strolling in the rain, you will not enjoy walking with wet and muddy bottoms. Consequently, consider palazzos, midi skirts, wide-leg trousers and slim pants with a loose fit, as they are more convenient to carry in the monsoon.

Monsoon adds various outfits to your wardrobe that will fit with any look: Mini dresses for a party, blazer dresses for work, maxi dresses for informal meetings and drawstring dresses for weekends.

Scarf it up

Wearing a statement scarf is an incredible hack not only to look stylish but also to protect your freshly washed hair from raindrops.

Choose one with a fashionable print, such as a geometric pattern, a botanical pattern, or an Aztec design. Pair them with flowery dresses or casual maxis for a look that is both stylish and functional.

You can wear it around your neck to protect yourself from cold winds and wrap it around your head when the rain starts to pour. Apart from protecting yourself, it would be best to cover your mobile phone with a case.

Prefer loose attires

After getting wet, body-hugging clothes tend to tighten even more. This prevents your skin from breathing, resulting in rashes or allergies. Choose loose-fitting clothes to give your outfit a unique look.

During monsoon, loose shirts, kurtis and oversized jackets are ideal. Off-shoulder or trim-sleeved tops will keep you fresh while preventing water from clogging your sleeves.

Play with colours

Monsoon is all about good vibes and having a good time, so why not include that in your fashion sense as well? Bright colours make you look even more lively.

Light colours like white and beige should be avoided during this dark season since they become translucent. Also, rain marks tend to show up on light colours, so choose dark colours.

When coupled with neutrals, vibrant pinks, blues, oranges, and yellows are a great choice.

Comfortable footwear

Just like garments, you should wear shoes that are pleasant on the feet and safe during monsoon. Heels, stilettoes and any other closed shoes should be avoided. Also wearing leather and velvet shoes is not a good idea.—

Rubber footwear, jelly shoes and bright-colored flip-flops are good options. Also, wear waterproof socks to keep your feet dry and safe from bacteria

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