6 ways to balance combination hair if you have dry ends and an oily scalp


If you hair is parched or super greasy, finding the right products to mattify, moisturise or balance are easy to pick off a shelf. But if you find your scalp oily and your ends parched, dull and prone to breakage, it can be harder to narrow down on the right routine. We spoke to two experts for their take on what you can do.

1) Find the right shampoo
What you need is a shampoo that is gentle on your strands, yet effective enough to clean the scalp. “Combination hair is usually the result of the sebum not being able to travel down the length of the hair from the root; so the scalp remains too oily and the hair ends appear dry and brittle,” says hairstylist Daniel Bauer. You want to choose a shampoo that contains ingredients like clay to mop up excess oil, lactic acid to slough away dead skin on the scalp as well as moisturisers like glycerin and dimethicone. “Look for ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil in your shampoo to tackle the greasiness,” says Dr Madhulika Mhatre, consultant dermatology, Wockhardt Hospital.

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