5 Relaxing Tips To Boost Your Beauty

When you feel tired, it shows! The key to looking your best beautiful self is to be happy and energised. They do say that happy girls are the prettiest and it is so true! Stress causes fatigue, and when your mind and body undergo stressful situations it immediately affects the way you look. The telltale signs could be tired eyes, hair loss, sallow skin and even breakouts and rashes. Nobody has time to be unhappy with the way they look now do they? It is only right that your natural skin and hair should emerge healthy looking, and that will reflect only after your mind and body are at harmony and pampered every once in a while at least. Besides, when you’re in relaxation mode, beauty routines are better manifested too and the skin and hair repairs itself better.
Hot Oil Massage
A relaxing head massage with a warm carrier oil will no doubt help boost blood circulation and help you feel relieved with the massaging motions and properties of the natural oils that penetrate through your scalp and add shine to your hair. Having this massage session once a week or twice a month even will result in a more stress-free you with gorgeous, healthy locks. Even a full body massage with warm carrier oils mixed with other aromatherapy oils can lend you a truly holistic beauty experience wherein your skin is repaired and your senses are stimulated
Pillow Mists
Beauty sleep is so important and here’s where a pillow mist can help. Ideally, pillow mists are infused with fragrant ingredients and aid better sleep by helping you calm down and unwind. Spritzing a lavender-infused pillow mist on your bed before you sleep will promote the best sleep ever.
Salt Lamps
Salt lamps are another great way to try and minimise stress levels in your room. A natural, large pink Himalayan salt rock is powered with a light and the healing properties of the salt are dispersed in the air making your atmosphere more tranquil.

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