5 easy ways to enhance your holiday home decor


“I don’t think Christmas is necessarily about things,” said the late, great Carrie Fisher. “It’s about being good to one another.”

And of course, she was right. But the comforts of home are pretty important in setting the scene for holiday joy. (Just ask Robert Allen, who wrote the timeless Christmas song, “There no place like home for the holidays.”) That guy—just like Fisher—knew what he was talking about.

Because the things we give a place to in our homes influence our mood. And this year, need I mention, we could all use a little extra mood-boost.

So let’s look for some easy ways to make our homes festive for this holiday. .

Here are five easy, no-fuss ways to add Christmas cheer at home.

#1. It starts when you wake up. (Or, in this case, also when you go to sleep.) The Kirkham Christmas Reversible Quilt Set (starting at $92.99 on wayfair.com) All you have to do is literally toss this one on. The pretty patchwork cotton quilt immediately makes your bedroom a setting for subtle holiday celebration that looks handmade. Designed with wreaths, stockings, and Christmas trees it comes with a coverlet and shams, and is also machine-washable.

#2. Use gifts to decorate. No. I don’t mean you should keep that nice candle you bought for your sister. I mean make those beautifully wrapped gifts do double duty, and put them in spots all around the Christmas tree, not just directly underneath. Odds are you bought that wrapping paper because you loved its festive patterns, so take advantage of it and give it a spotlight.

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