40+ Times Royals Dressed Exactly Like Disney Princesses


When you’re part of the royal family, dressing up for galas and black-tie events is just another part of the job. But what happens when princesses dress like, well … princesses? You can’t deny the similarities between some of these sartorial crossovers. We combed through our favorite past royal looks to round up all of the times royals drew inspiration from Disney’s most famous characters.

Cinderella debuted her iconic powder blue ball gown when the animated film was released by Disney in 1950. The dress was created by magic by her fairy godmother.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth wore a chiffon evening gown in Cinderella-blue during a state visit to Malawi in 1979. The monarch accessorized with sparkling accessories, including the Girls of Great Britain and the Ireland Tiara.

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