3 tips to help you find your style


Finding your own style is a vital part of using fashion for self expression, and though its fun, it can be difficult.

There are so many different ways to dress, aesthetics to choose from, and a million fashion ’rules’ that have been thrown around, seemingly from the start of time, so where do you start?

Here are three things to think about, to help you develop your own style.

One big thing in the fashion industry, which consumers tend to not realise the importance of, is the silhouette your clothes give you.

Do you prefer a baggy fit, where your silhouette doesn’t give away too much of your body?

Or perhaps clothes that fit well, or are even tailored, to show off the exact shape you have?

This can be used to figure out what ‘flatters’ your body most, but it should be utilised as a way to express yourself and create the base for how your style will make you feel about yourself.

A silhouette with wide shoulders and a small waist will look much more powerful, and imposing than a silhouette that flares out at the bottom.

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