27 Hair Clips and Barrettes That’ll Elevate Any Hairstyle


Alright, I’m about to let you in on a little secret: On the days when I can’t even fathom putting together a presentable hairstyle (when I’m feeling lazy, lazy), I fake it with a hair clip. Seriously, all you need is a cute claw clip or a sleek little barrette to take your most boring, blah hairstyles to the next level. I’m talking half-up buns, sleek ponytails, beach waves—the right hair clip can elevate any look. And to prove it to you, I searched far and wide to find the 27 prettiest, most wearable hair clips of all time. Don’t blame me when you accidentally buy them all, k?

Meet the perfect clip for long hair. Between the big claw clip design (which is excellent for keeping your thick-ass hair in place) and the cute checkered print, there’s really nothing not to love about this pick.

My favorite thing about this set of three hair clips is that each of them offers a totally different look. When you’re feeling a more subtle vibe (think: messy buns and ponytails), go for the clear—when you want to take things up a notch (like, say, a sleek topknot), swap in the purple or black.

Prepare to make everyone smile when you wear these cheery little hair pins from Free People. Slide them into your hairstyle of choice (and spritz on a little finishing spray while you’re at it) and you’ll immediately level-up your look.

Looking for something a bit more subdued that you can wear to work or a special event? These sleek gold clips are the perfect option. Wear ’em solo or layer on a couple to really take your hairstyle to new heights.

If your hair is on the finer side (hiii, me), you’ll love the smaller size of this rectangular claw clip. It comes in three pretty colors too, including lime green (pictured here), bright orange, and light tortoise (my personal favorite). Just blast your hair with a bit of dry shampoo to get some grit.

Hair clips aren’t always just about aesthetics, FYI. These separating clips from Kitsch make blow-drying your hair 100 times easier (and you don’t have to worry about creating any annoying dents or creases in the process—which, score).

Like, sorry, but have you seen anything cuter than these rose-shaped hair clips? These bbs are perfect for half-up looks, braided hairstyles, loose ponytails, the works—just have fun with it and make them your own.

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about this hair clip that I just find so g’damn pretty. Slide it onto the base of your ponytail (I’d suggest using a clear hair elastic so you don’t distract from the clip) and you’ll immediately understand the hype. Is this what classy feels like?!

This one might look like your average hair clip on first glance, but it’s got a slightly wavy design that adds the perfect amount of excitement. You can pick from five ~chic~ colors, but I’m personally obsessed with Alba, the pearly white pictured here. I mean, just imagine this clip styled with soft beach waves.

The thin marble design on these hair slides make them the perfect addition to any of your lowkey looks (flat-iron waves, anyone?). Bonus: A very reasonable $9 scores you a pack of four clips, so they’re kinda an epic deal.

Here’s the thing: My aesthetic is usually all-black everything, but I can’t deny how freaking cute these glittery hair clips are (especially ’cause they add an extra something something to my boring, emo wardrobe). Catch me pairing these barrettes with a middle-parted lob and a smokey eye on Friday night.

Until recently, I couldn’t look at claw clips without thinking of my mom (whose hair is forever in a messy, claw-clipped bun). The 2021 versions are super updated though, and these pastel-colored hair clips are proof.

Still feel kinda meh about the tie-dye trend? Ease your way into the ’70s vibe with this cute little hair clip—tack it on top of a sleek bun or use it to spice up a half-up half-down hairstyle.

Looking to make a statement with your hair clip? Opt for this cute rhinestone bobby pin and remind everyone what’s really important (while, you know, looking really effing cool).

Okay, fine: These hair clips aren’t really for function, but who TF cares when they look this cute? Go for a full ’90s hairstyle by clipping a handful throughout your hair, or keep it office-friendly with a single butterfly.

IMHO, the coolest thing about hair slides is that there’s no such thing as too many. Style your hair as usual (middle part, side part, you name it) and slide three or four of these barrettes around your hairline for a bomb-ass look.

You can’t really go wrong with these clean and simple hair clips. $6 will get you a nice variety of neutral colors (so, yeah, they’re pretty much a steal). I personally plan on wearing these barrettes with copper eyeshadow.

Haven’t landed on your hair-clip aesthetic just yet? No prob, ’cause this set of five barrettes gives you a perfect mix. And, hey, what’s stopping you from wearing all five at once? (Nothing, that’s what.)

TBH, my hair is too thin and slippery to actually stay put with a claw clip, which is why I’ve gotten pretty good at faking it. I like to tie my hair into a high ponytail with an elastic, twist the ponytail into a bun, and then tack it down with the clip. Easy, right?

There’s just something so pretty and effortless about a silver hair clip, and these mini barrettes are certainly no exception. Like, how perfect would these look in a half-up bun (aka the best day-three hairstyle)?

The pearl trend is still going strong, so get on it already with these pretty hair clips. Use ’em to elevate even the most boring of hairstyles on those days when you have zero time or energy.

You don’t have to be a quirky cat lady to love these kitty hair clips (even though I most definitely am). Layer a few at once to really lean into the weirdness, or keep it low-key by clipping one onto the base of your ponytail.

Feeling fancy as f*ck? Throw on these crystal barrettes to take things to the next level (I’m thinking lots of highlighter, a glossy lip, and jet-black mascara).

Prepare to be the coolest person at work when you snap on these acrylic barrettes. I’m personally a fan of the pink option (like, how pretty is that color?), but you can’t really go wrong with the tortoise either.

When in doubt, style your hair with one of these classic black hair clips. They’ve still got the cool, trendy factor but they don’t feel the slightest bit excessive. Try wearing them with a smooth and sleek hairstyle for a 10/10 look.

Full disclosure: These hair clips are…expensive (they’re decked out with Swarovski crystals and 14k gold). That doesn’t mean you can’t dream, right? BRB while I go open a new credit card.

Last but certainly not least, this flower hair clip offers an easy way to level up your go-to hair accessories (and, yes, that includes those silk hair ties you wear everyday).

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