25 Small Plants That’ll Definitely Fit In Your Teeny Apartment


If you live in a small apartment or house, you know space comes at a premium. You’ve got to be strategic about where you put what, otherwise you’ll end up in a super cluttered situation before you realize it. If you have little room to work with, you’ve probably avoided starting a massive collection of plants. I mean, that random corner is much better reserved for a metal bar cart, bookshelf, or something more functional, right?

But fortunately, you don’t need a huge house to accommodate a little greenery in your life. Plants come in all sizes and varieties, and there are tons of space-efficient options to choose from. It’s high time you take advantage of those small plants to add a hint of the Great Outdoors into your personal home environment.

You may already be familiar with succulents, which are relatively low maintenance and take up next to no space, making ‘em ideal for, say, your office desk or a chic end table. But there’s a whole world of cute, smol plants beyond succulents. And stuffing your apartment with lotsa leafy plants won’t just improve its ~aesthetic~, it’ll also help boost your mood during the dreary winter season. As Oprah definitely probably once said: You get a small plant, and you get a small plant, and you get a small plant!

To get you started on your plant parent journey, we’ve rounded up a list of small houseplants that are relatively stress-free to care for in tight spots. They do not require six feet of space on all sides to thrive—so you can plop them on your shelf, nightstand, kitchen counter, toilet, anywhere! So let’s get plant shopping, bb.

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