25 Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas To Get Creative This Year


While everyone loves to *eat* beautifully-decorated, gourmet-looking cookies, it’s not always so easy to make them yourself. With our easy and creative Christmas cookie decorating ideas, you’re on your way to homemade, show-stopping Christmas treats that will totally win the cookie swap. We’re here to help you achieve your best-looking cookies ever, from spicy gingerbread souped-up with swirls of frosting to simple sugar cookies decked out in red and green. On our list, you’ll find impressive ways to achieve your cookie-decorating dreams for a dessert plate that’s beyond impressive (and surprisingly easy!).

These fun and festive ideas are truly the gifts that keep on giving — simply start with your favorite holiday cookie recipe and then get decorating: We’ve got classic sugar cookie dough, cocoa-filled chocolate truffle dough and cinnamon, ginger and clove–infused winter spice dough. Of course, we’ve also included other cookie options for the more adventurous bakers out there (we simply can’t make a list of Christmas cookies without including spicy gingerbread or buttery spritz cookies!), but feel free to use these decorating ideas on whatever dough you’d like. Can’t eat all the cookies yourself? Beautifully decorated cookies happen to make the best homemade food gift, so feel free to bake several dozen and spread the holiday cheer. The best part is that each of these doughs can also be made and frozen up to one month in advance, saving you even more precious time during the holiday rush. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

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