20 Amazon furniture pieces that look way more expensive than they are


Considering that we head to Amazon for everything else in our lives, it’s no surprise that we also find ourselves hovering over the ol’ “Add to cart” button on dozens of the retailer’s home decor and furniture offerings. While it’s chiefly known as the go-to e-store for everything from books and school supplies to sneakers and that amazing “nightgown” dress, Amazon has been quietly building up its home department for a while now, with thousands of beds, couches, coffee tables and more on offer.

To help you sort through the sea of options on the site, we picked 20 of the best-looking pieces that have jaw-droppingly affordable prices. The best part? They have great reviews too. Check out our favorites below, all of which — as reviewers can attest to/confirm — look way more expensive than they actually are.

If you’re outfitting an in-home movie theater, congratulations, we’re jealous. But we’re also about to save you a ton of money. While these recliners can be used anywhere in your home, their narrow width and flat siding makes them easy to line up side by side, which is exactly where many of the 2,000-plus reviewers have placed them. At only $120 (plus a bit more for shipping), it won’t break the bank to buy a bunch!

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