18 Best Indoor Hanging Plants


Indoor Hanging Plants: If you’re tired of looking at the same four walls, bringing nature inside is an easy and good way to freshen up your space. In fact, studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress and indoor air pollutants. And there’s no question that they make your space, no matter the size, appearance – and feel – more comfortable and inviting.

If you are short of space or available tables, counters or shelves, turn to these hanging plants to infuse your home with greenery. Not to mention, these pretty peaks are a practical option if you have pets who like to snack on houseplants or young children who pick up anything in sight.

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Caring for a hanging plant may seem tricky, but the same rules apply: before sticking the plant, succulents or flowers in a new planter, read the amount of water and sun it needs to prosper. A south-facing window is best for plants that need bright light, but many of the plants on this list can survive in low light conditions. And whatever you do, make sure your planter has drainage holes to avoid overwatering.

1 Spider plant

Spider plants are classic for a reason: they have long, striped leaves and arched stems with tiny seedlings at the ends, which can be pinched to make new plants. Stick it in a room with bright light, even if it will adapt to low light conditions. Water it when the soil is slightly dry.

2 Pothos

This hardy plant is perfect for beginners because it is extremely tolerant, it can survive for weeks without water or light. Pothos, who also goes through Devil’s Ivy, prefers moderate light, but will tolerate low light. Let dry between waterings.

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