15 Best-Selling House Slippers That You Won’t Want to Take Off


If you’re working from home or coming home from a long day existing in the harsh reality of our pandemic times, chances are, your feet ache. By now maybe you’ve invested in a standing-desk mat or a foot massager to combat the fatigue in this foundational region of your body, but what about house slippers? Friends, never underestimate the power of comfy, cozy slippers (or bras) to make a crummy day better. A good pair ideally cradles and cushions your feet and makes life’s mundane activities like grabbing the mail and bingeing a show all the more relaxing.

Whether you’re investing in your first pair and don’t know where to start or expanding your collection (always a wise move), there’s an entire world of soft, supportive slippers tailored to your tastes. From fuzzy, fleecy, furry boots to light, airy, terry slides, here are 15 top-selling house slippers that will soothe your hardworking soles.

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