12 Summer 2021 Nail Trends Worth Trying RTFN


You know one of the things that I love most about summer? The fact that people can actually SEE my manicure for once. Like, sure, winter has it’s perks (read: drinking hot chocolate and laying under my weighted blanket for days on end) but as soon as I bundle up and head outside, all the hard work that my beloved manicurist (jk, it’s me) put into my nails is sadly hidden away in gloves or pockets. So you better believe that when June hits, I’ll be flaunting my naked hands and manicure around like it’s my GD job. And since that time is coming sooner than you think, I’ve rounded up the 12 summer 2021 nail trends—from IG-worthy designs to bright, eye-catching polish colors—that you should 100 percent try this season.

Summer 2021 Nail Idea: Color Blocking

DIYing a color block design like this for your next manicure is surprisingly easy. Just paint your first four nails in lavender polish and your pinky in hot pink polish. Then go in and paint half of your thumb, pointer, and ring fingers in the same hot pink shade.

Summer Nail Trend: Gradient French Tips

These multi-color tips combine two of my favorite nails trends—the French manicure and the ombre manicure. They’ll add the perfect amount of flare to your look without clashing with your summer outfits.

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