12 Best Interior Designers in Northern Virginia


Interior decorating your home can be both confusing and exhausting. With all the themes you can choose from and all the accessories and decorations available, it may be overwhelming. Having a professional to help you out in beautifying your home is the solution.

There are many excellent interior designers in Northern Virginia, but amongst them, here are the 12 best ones with their family-friendly interior ideas.

Home At Last Decor

Christine Barringer, the woman behind all the outstanding ideas and design of Home At Last Decors, started the business in 2000. She focuses on home consultations to help homeowners with their dilemmas in interior decorating.

You can get a customized decor guide from Christine. When doing the consultation, do not hesitate to voice your desires, such as inclusion of specific coffee tables or unique and unusual furniture like an indoor hanging egg chair that will add a unique touch in your home.

She will help you by recognizing your decorating thoughts and desire, and then use that information to build an interior design plan for you. Christine specializes in paint color selections. She can also apply general decorating principals to any theme under a specified budget.

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