10 plump furniture designs including chubby chairs and bloated benches


Furniture designers are ditching the skinny look for plump forms that appear to have been pumped full of air. In our latest roundup, we look at 10 designs that represent the chubby trend.

Bloated curves, chubby upholstery and stout legs feature in a trend first identified by Dezeen columnist Michelle Ogundehin in her predictions for 2020.

“In perhaps a seemingly counter-intuitive twist to all this streamlining and sustainability, furniture is getting decidedly chubbier,” wrote Ogundehin, listing plus-size products as one of her trends for the year.

“But then curvy, rounded and plump designs are the literal expression of comfort; when we seek solace, it is not to a stiff-backed chair that we intuitively turn.”

This plumping-up of domestic furniture could be down to the need to feel cocooned, Ogundehin wrote. “In times of strife, we need to be able to sink deeply into our sofas and feel them cosset and surround us,” she said, pointing to the rise of home offices as an accelerator of the trend.

“Even the resolutely trim’n’taut high-end Italian brands like Minotti have taken a punt on the fat side,” she added.

Domna by Faina

Two cushioned elements join together to form Domna, a chair designed by Ukrainian design brand Faina to echo the form of ancient divine feminine figurines.

Orsetto 02 by Martin Massé for Studio Twenty Seven

New York gallery Studio Twenty Seven commissioned Martin Massé to make Orsetto 02, a coffee table with the cutesy style of an overstuffed teddy bear, despite being carved out of unyielding stone.

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