10 Halloween Window Decorations to Terrify Your Entire Neighborhood


Right this way for the easiest, cheapest way to deck out your place.

Call me a weirdo or whatever, but I love the adrenaline rush of tip-toeing through a haunted house. If you’re like me and want to bring those creepy vibes into your home, then you need to invest in some Halloween window decor this year.

You don’t need Martha Stewart’s skills to turn your place into a theme park-worthy nightmare. All you need are these easy-to-apply decorations below. I found stickers that’ll leave any trick or treater spooked and curtains to transform the inside of your home from chic to eek. The best part about the scary add-ons: They make a huge impact but don’t require much effort. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for easy interior design projects.

Anyway, let’s get into all of the ghoulish Halloween window decor below.

Bones Scenic Indoor/Outdoor Single Curtain Panel

I hate that skeletons get such a bad rep. I mean, you can tell this is a good guy with that big smile and welcoming wave. And look at that popped hip. He won’t hurt you.

Halloween Giant Bloody Window Posters

If you wanna make all of the guests wet their pants when they walk up to your house (of course, you do), then this cryptic sign will freak them out.

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