10 Genius Beauty Tips We Learned on TikTok


In 2020, we learned that TikTok is an absolute treasure trove for comedy, dance routines, and bite-sized beauty tutorials that truly anyone can follow. Here are ten of our favorite makeup, hair and skincare videos that have seriously upgraded our routines.

1. How to lift your entire face using just concealer

Traditionally we only used concealer to, well, conceal. Which is why we mostly use it under our eyes (to cover up dark circles) and over any splotchy areas (like around our nostrils) to neutralize redness. This tutorial shows that we can get so much more out of our concealer by adding it strategically to key areas like the outer corners of our eyes and mouths to lift the entire face. Seriously, it’s mind boggling.

2. Rethink Your Makeup Brushes

Always overdo it on the blush? If you want to get an even wash of color, choose a brush with less density. Think fluffy bristles that are super soft to the touch, as opposed to firm and tightly packed. This will ensure that you get that diffused airbrushed color that makes you look naturally flushed and less like a clown.

3. How to contour your nose

Here’s the thing about contouring: when done correctly, it can really bring out your features and give you a sharper looking profile. This tutorial gives helpful pointers on contouring your nose in a way that looks natural—like depositing color along the front of the brow bone, which is often neglected, and using some foundation to buff out any obvious lines to finish.

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