10 DIY uses for your old iPhone or iPad


You can count on death, taxes and a steady stream of shiny new Apple devices vying for your money. We upgrade even when the old one works perfectly fine. Which poses the question: What to do with the old one?

Your old device contains a lot of personal information. Be sure you thoroughly erase everything before selling it or trading it in for a discount. Tap or click here for the important steps you need to take to be sure all your personal data is off that old device for good.

But there are lots of other ways to upcycle your Apple tablet or phone and keep using it every day. You may not need every app in its arsenal, but that slick screen and slender design can be handy for a variety of tasks.

While I focus on an older iPad, keep in mind that your old iPhone can handle many of the same tasks.

1. Make it a car dashcam
With the right brace or holder, you can install your older iPad or iPhone into your car. This can serve as a hub for music and entertainment, and if you position it right, you can use that device as a dashcam.

Dashcam apps constantly record what’s happening outside your car while you’re driving. This evidence is crucial in case of an accident. Most apps are designed for phones, but a tablet usually can use the exact software.

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