Why Is Everyone Dyeing Their Hair Pink Right Now? A Psychologist Weighs In


Every year as the weather begins to warm up, you see people dyeing their hair pink. This bold and vibrant yet unconventional choice of color has actually become quite common; you see it on your Instagram feeds and maybe even among your own friend group.

Bubblegum-pink hair has always been a trendy choice for spring, but it’s seemingly become even more popular amid the pandemic with everyone from Kaia Gerber to Dua Lipa and most recently Demi Lovato giving the color a go.

During times of stress and turmoil – which pretty much sums up all of 2020 and 2021 so far – people look for other ways to establish control, and their hair often becomes the first place to start. Still, that doesn’t explain why out of all of the colors of the rainbow, pink always seems to be the most popular – not blue, green, or purple.

The reason comes down to psychology. Every color impacts your mood differently, and pink tends to elicit feelings of serenity, romance, and youthfulness. “Pink’s calming effect can actually change mood and behavior,” Naomi Torres-Mackie, MD, head of research at the Mental Health Coalition and practicing psychologist at Lenox Hill Hospital, told POPSUGAR. “People who are shown the color pink become more physically relaxed, less hostile, and less aggressive. Our minds and bodies are intimately connected.”

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