When will we get haircuts again?


Rachel Ford Hutman, a California blonde for years, is now embracing a more natural look.

After shelter-in-place was declared in San Diego to stem the spread of Covid-19, she tried to use a coloring spray to cover her roots but it was an unmitigated disaster.

Now, she’s liking the lived-in ombré look with natural-colored roots, which she hopes will save her money and frequent trips to a hair salon.

“With the last financial crisis, the first thing I cut was Starbucks,” said Ford Hutman, who works in public relations. “I’m thinking that any way to save now is a good thing.”

Across the U.S., people are taking creative approaches to their beauty regimens. Couples are watching YouTube videos before cutting each other’s hair. Kids are trimming their parents’ bangs so they don’t cover their faces on Zoom videos. And a so-called “black market” for beauty has emerged in some states that are still hunkering down.

Beauty workers, many of whom are still unemployed, are doing their best to adapt. Many say they are fielding messages from their former clients about how to manage their hair on their own, and are sending self-care packages in the mail.

San Francisco-based stylist Tylor Johnson is taking advantage of the time at home to work on a new product line for blondes, as well as a blog with tips and tricks for hair maintenance. She’s also taking online education classes that will help her with her new business.

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