What’ll Happen to My Skin If I Never Leave the House Again?


It’s safe to say that our collective behavior — in and out of the home — has changed since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. Early in the pandemic, Allure conducted a survey to see how bathing routines have changed since lockdown; some respondents admitted to showering less frequently due to, frankly, having no place to go. By now, we’ve fully embraced the “dirtcore” style, or a return to your “natural state,” whether that means a Botox-less forehead, grown-out roots, polish-less nails, or just a softened approach to your body and beauty regimens.

Quarantine is a lifestyle change, one that naturally has an effect on your beauty choices, but also on your body. Stress may lead to weight-related changes or more body odor than you’re used to. It also has an effect on the skin. As dermatologists explained to me, a slew of pandemic-induced factors can lead to changes in the skin.

If you’ve been looking in the mirror lately and thinking, My skin looks is looking duller than usual or hmm, I’ve never seen a zit there before, you’re not alone.

Ahead, experts break down all the reasons why, seven months into lockdown, your complexion may look or feel a bit different than usual. Keep in mind that there are multiple factors that contribute to every skin change, so it’s not quite fair to point fingers at the COVID-19 lockdown for each creeping skin concern. (As always, your dermatologist will do the best job of getting to the bottom of individual skin concerns.) Still, we can certainly blame the pandemic for plenty — I, for one, no longer have any energy to slap on a sheet mask.

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