What does the future of shopping hold in the fashion industry?


Over the course of 2020, the way we shop has changed forever. Although many new shopping trends are a direct result of COVID-19 and brands adapting to life in lockdown, countless changes in the fashion industry were already underway. An overwhelming switch to e-commerce, for example, has only been accelerated by the pandemic. Today, over 25 percent of the world’s population shops online. The numbers of consumers flocking to landing pages is only set to increase.

With this dynamic shift to online shopping and exciting technological innovations becoming available to brands all the time, the world of fashion and e-commerce is evolving and adapting at an impressive rate. Gone are the days of mass shopping in the traditional way. Instead, brands are utilizing tech to create personal, immersive, and remote shopping experiences. 80 percent of online consumers stating that new tech is improving their shopping experience. So, it appears that the fashion world is certainly heading in the right direction.

Let’s take a closer look at the trends that are set to transform the way we shop for clothes and accessories over the coming years.

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