This Classic Fall Color Weirdly Looks Good On Everyone


With the colder weather comes football season, pumpkin spice lattes, and an array of richer, deeper, colors to incorporate into your wardrobe. A few of the season’s most popular shades? Classics like browns, oranges, and olive greens — but burgundy outfits definitely deserve a spot in your rotation, too.

Year after year, this dark red shade pops up on countless runways and in an endless stream of street style photos. Sometimes it’s deemed ‘oxblood,’ other times it is referred to as ‘berry,’ but this season, burgundy is reclaiming the title for fall’s most flattering — and versatile — hue.

Burgundy blends with almost any color, from neutral tones to shades of bright blue. Whether you’re looking to add in some burgundy accessories or go all out with a monochrome suit, this is the perfect way to add an eye-catching element to your fall outfits.

To help you out, here are nine of our favorite ways to style burgundy for fall/winter 2020.

Add a Burgundy Accessory

Accessories are a great way to stay on-trend without revamping your entire wardrobe. Whether it’s a purse, a pair of shoes, or even headbands and hair clips, this microdose of color packs a powerful punch.

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