The Royals Have Apparently Been Told They Can Sue Netflix Over ‘The Crown’


On the list of “Tough Things About Being Royal,” the fact that The Crown even exists is ranks pretty high. The Netflix drama is delicious tea for royal fans, but it’s, understandably, a much more stressful thing for the real-life people whose lives it pulls from for said drama.

When The Crown started, it focused on the early days of Queen Elizabeth’s rule, long before most of the modern royal family were even born. The series’ upcoming fifth season, however, is much more modern, and is expected to cover much more recent events (including the later years of Princess Diana’s life in the ’90s).

“This series will be the most controversial ever,” a source said (per The Sun). “It deals with events that are still incredibly raw for many.”

As such, not only are members of the royal family reportedly less and less happy that the show exists, but even friends of the royals are starting to get antsy about the possibility that characters based on them could grace the screen—and have a not-so-great impact on their IRL reps.

According to The Sun, members of the royal family’s inner circle have been actively reaching out to top law firms (including the Queen’s preferred firms, Farrer & Co and Harbottle & Lewis) to brush up on their legal rights and what options they have if The Crown sullies their images. Not only were these friends told that they would be entitled to sue the creative team behind The Crown, but The Sun reports they’ve passed that legal advice along to the actual royals themselves, who would also have grounds for lawsuits, apparently.

“Friends of the Royal Family sought legal advice,” a source close to the royals told the British paper. “The advice they received would also apply to the Royal Family. Although this is not direct legal advice given to the Queen and her family — they have been made aware of this advice.”

Semi-serious question: If the royals *do* sue Netflix though, will The Crown do a season 7 to cover the trial?

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