The Latest Pierre Frey Collection Was Designed by Kids


If recent history has taught us anything, it might be that the Benjamin Franklin quote “out of adversity comes opportunity” indeed rings true. Case in point: Maison Pierre Frey invited the children of clients and employees to submit drawings through a competition called “Draw Me a Wall!” in order to create a textile and wallpaper collection. This joyful and colorful line is now launching with nine fabrics and 31 wallpaper designs—an impressive accomplishment by any measure.

Another tree-focused concept from the line.

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It all began during the spring 2020 lockdown from a conversation between Pierre Frey and one of his sons, Patrick, who heads up communications for the family company. Both were in the country en famille, discussing what they were hearing from clients and their team: Everyone wanted projects for their kids, who were climbing the walls while stuck at home. Patrick explains further: “We discussed it internally and my father came up with the idea of having a competition. I think he thought of it when my son drew something [and asked him], ‘Why don’t you do a wallpaper with this?’” Patrick continues, “My dad came back a few weeks later with a sample of wallpaper [based on the drawing] and from this came the idea of a competition—to keep kids busy!”

Ultimately, a jury of professionals was formed and from many submissions 20 drawings were selected. The Pierre Frey creative team was then called in to translate and transform these drawings into wallpapers and fabrics while respecting the original artworks. The project combined hope, know-how, and imagination—all of which are elements of the Pierre Frey DNA—in order to bring these works to life. Ten percent of the profits from this collection will be donated to the Foundation of France and earmarked to support actions to help reduce school dropout rates, which have accelerated during the pandemic.

This new collection is only the third such line dedicated to children in company history. (The first was when Patrick Frey started his family; the second, when his grandchildren were born.) Here’s to a bit of much needed joy, happiness, and fantasy—and to all of the selected winners.

While there were many wallpapers produced, a smaller number of designs were also manufactured into fabrics.

A fabric focused on the animal kingdom.

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